The Mission of Noble Cobra Publishing

       Fundamentally, our mission is to provide enjoyable, worthwhile books that people can read and enjoy without fearing that they contain poisonous ideas. We produce classic-style pulps, adventures, romances, and other works of wonder and excitement, all shot through with noble ideals.

       In addition to our own works, we offer those of others; either bringing up and restoring old works that have fallen into obscurity, or offering recommendations and commentary on worthwhile contemporary ones.

       All our works are written from a Traditional Catholic perspective, though few are what would be called ‘Christian literature’ in the sense of being about the fatih as such. Our goal in fiction is always first and foremost to entertain.

The Author

     David Breitenbeck considers the art and philosophy of storytelling to be one of the great passions of his life. He delights in stories of all kinds,whether old or new, high or low, frothy as the foam or deep as the abyss, and his greatest ambition is to spend his life creating his own.

He is the author of several books including Perseus Corbett and the Forbidden Valley, The Wisdom of Walt Disney, The Ten Commandments of Murder, and The Walk Home and Other Tales of Suspense. Meanwhile his short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Fantastic Schools vol. 2, and Adventure Stories for Young Readers. He has also written for several sites, most recently The Everyman.

      Mr. Breitenbeck’s other interests include art and philosophy as such, history, religion, and martial arts. He is currently laying the foundations for a writing career and lives in southeast Michigan.

What is the Noble Cobra?

       When Moses first appeared before Pharaoh, surrounded by idols and heathen priests, he showed the power of God by casting his staff to the ground, where it became a Cobra and swallowed up the serpents of the Egyptian gods.

        Therefore, the first public illustration of the saving work of God involved cool animals fighting each other.

        We aim to continue that tradition: presenting the true, the good, and the beautiful through the elegantly exotic and entertaining.

Our Patron

Saint John Henry Newman

      Our patron Saint is Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman; author, writer, priest, and Oxford scholar. Raised in the Anglican Church and ordained an Anglican cleric, his deep studies in history and theology led him to a slow and painful conviction of the truth of the Catholic Faith, causing him to give up his living and convert in 1845. A year later was ordained as a Catholic priest in Rome, and in 1879 was made a Cardinal by Pope Leo XIII.

     St. John Henry Newman was a tireless worker in both his priestly and scholarly endeavors. He wrote with a strong, elegant style that blended philosophical firmness with gentleman-like manners. His writing covered scholarly and theological work, novels, and poetry, most famously the hymn Lead Kindly Light.

      Saint John Henry Newman, bless our work and pray for us!