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Rian Johnson: The Voice of His Generation

"And that really encompasses a large part of the current generation, doesn’t it? Contemptuously immolating our heritage in order to satisfy our personal grievances and stoke our own egos."

"Groundhog Day" Is More Than a Movie; It Is the Myth of Modernity

"The arrogance and self-centeredness, the crushing sense of futility and isolation, the flights into hedonism and finally existential despair, and with it the antidote of personal connections, community spirit, and self-forgetfulness, all compacted in a brilliantly simple fantasy."

When Making Resolutions, Remember That The World Doesn’t Change

"If you want to see a healthy society again, the first step is to become the kind of man who would make up such a society. And the criteria for that have not changed an inch since the Garden of Eden and never will."

"Miracle on 34th Street": A Traditionalist Classic

"The film could be read less as a whimsically harmless bit of Christmas fluff than as a kind of modern Don Quixote, with a possibly delusional old man embracing the beautiful values that the modern world has rejected and in the process showing up how hollow that modern world really is."

The March of Dimes: Voting and Its Effect on Individualism

"Voting is not intended to empower individuals, but to disempower them. We understand this whenever we talk about using the power of the ballot box to disrupt some ‘elite’, yet we then turn around and talk about how important each individual vote is and how much power it gives to the individual."

A Song for Those Who've Lost Their Country

"When you unapologetically make your views known, the other side has to answer them. Which means they have to acknowledge that there are objections to their views. That is, if nothing else, it prevents them from completely controlling the narrative."

An American Monarchist Reflects on the Death of the Queen

"We threw off the British monarchy and have no official ties to it any longer. Yet we are so close to our mother country in so many ways that I, at least, can’t help feeling almost as if we are included in this loss."