Perseus Corbett and the Forbidden Valley

Adventure - Romance


It all started with a kiss…

When Perseus Corbett shared his first kiss with young Elizabeth Alban, daughter of Lord Darrow, he vowed that, impossible though it seemed, he would someday become rich enough to marry her. But after many years, a World War, and a hundred adventures chasing treasure in every corner of globe, he finds himself no nearer to his goal.

Then, one night, a dying old man thrusts a tattered manuscript into his hands. It tells of a place deep in the Amazon jungle – a place known to legend as both the treasure house of the gods and an abode of monsters.

Seizing this seemingly final chance, Perseus gathers a small expedition – including Elizabeth herself – to find this lost world. Together they travel into the unknown, facing ever greater wonders and more fearsome dangers. Facing too their own hearts and souls, their regrets and resentments laid bare in the untamed wilds.

But what secrets await them at their journey’s end? Who else covets the treasures of the gods?

And will any of the expedition return, or will they be consumed by the perils of this Forbidden Valley?